With the participation of foreign representatives of the company Sysmex, Turkey and doctors from the clinic “Acibadem Lab Med Laboratories”, Istanbul, Turkey: - Marketing Manager, Application Specialist at Sysmex Academy, Turkey, Mr. Koray Yurdakul; - Regional Manager Sysmex, Turkey Mr. Baris Hunuk - Head of the Department of Biochemistry of the Acibadem University of Istanbul, Turkey, Deputy Director General of the Clinic “Acibadem Lab Med Laboratories” in Istanbul, Turkey, member of the American Association of Biochemists, as well as Turkey, Professor Mustafa Serteser; - Assistant Professor at Acibadem University of Istanbul, Turkey, coordinator of the hematology department of Acibadem LabMed Clinic Laboratories of Istanbul, Turkey, a member of the Association of Biochemists of Turkey, Dr. Meltem Kilerchik; As well as highly respected: - Chief Specialist of the Ministry of Health for laboratory services Professor Aripov Abdumalik Nigmatovich; - Head of the Department of Science of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Sports Medicine at the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Professor Khodzhimetov Abdugafur Akhatovich; - Director of the clinic "Defactum Laboratories" Zahidova Nodira Erkinovna; In this forum we talked about problems and possible solutions in the field of hematology. Our guests read reports on topics: - “Future and achievements in the laboratory: Accreditation and Harmonization” - “New technologies in cell counting” - "Laboratory diagnosis of hemostatic disorders" - "Diagnosis and treatment of anemia" - “Optimization of the working process in hematology and preparation of smears” - "Clinical cases" - "regional partner of Sysmex Corporation (Japan) Sysmex (Turkey) in Uzbekistan"