PA 100
Antimicrobial susceptibility testing for near-patient settings
• Determination of bacterial growth and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) in less than one hour
• Patented technology based on nanofluidics principles
• Fast and easy to use
• Results based on EUCAST standards
SARS-CoV-2 Ag Diagnostic Test Kit
Safe and practical point-of-care assay
• The straightforward use with saliva, as well as with naso-/oropharyngeal samples, makes it ideal for any point-of-care setting.
• Quick result after 10 minutes
• Single one-step buffer and mixing tubes
• All sample collection and testing material included
• Optional QC material available
• Based on colloidal gold immunoassay technology
• For professional use
The test was evaluated by Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (Germany)
Watmind SARS-CoV 2 antigen immunofluroscence system
Rapid and reliable antigen immunofluorescence system
• Higher analytical performance compared to conventional antigen rapid diagnostic tests
• Portable instrument with built-in printer
• User-friendly and fast operation antigen rapid diagnostic tests
• Standardised and traceable results in 10 minutes
• Prequalified calibration
• QC material available