TH 11
Urinalysis decapping module
• Safe and convenient sample handling
• Compatible with all common tube types – screw and push caps*
• Easy to extend existing UN-Series lines
UC 1000
Semi-automated Urine Chemistry Analyser
• Reflectance photometry with CMOS camera
• Small footprint and lightweight
• Immediate results – analysis takes < 1 minute
• Convincing clinical values: RBC vs. HGB | mALB | CREA
UC 3500
Fully Automated Urine Chemistry Analyser
• Colour CMOS sensor image technology
• Fast and highly accurate measurement
• Distinguishes red blood cells and free haemoglobin
• Two different types of test strips available
• Microalbumin and creatinine test together on one strip
UD 10
Fully Automated Urine Particles Digital Imaging Device
• Complete analysis of urine in combination with the UF-5000/4000
• Fully automated digital imaging
• Gives a detailed view of urine particles
• Particles can be classified into 8 different classes based on size
UF 1500
Fully automated urine particle analyser
• Compact size
• Fast and reliable particle analysis with fluorescence flow cytometry
• Advanced parameters to support clinical decision making
• Automate and standardise manual workflow procedures
• Flexible configuration options to find your perfect match
UF 4000/5000
Fully automated flow cytometer
• Modular concept for a fully automated urinalysis workflow
• UTI information and bacteria differentiation in less than a minute
• Body fluid mode always on board
• Blue laser for better differentiation of particles